Start News 14 soldiers killed in attack in Afghanistan

14 soldiers killed in attack in Afghanistan

kerttu / Pixabay

At least 14 soldiers were killed in a car bomb explosion in eastern Afghanistan. Four others were injured in the attack in Nangarhar province today, Adschmal Omar provincial council said. The suicide bomber who drove the car was targeting a military base in the district. Local security groups have meanwhile confirmed a bomb attack on the base, but without giving any further details.

Initially, no group claimed responsibility for the attack. Both the militant Islamist Taliban and the fighters of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia are active in the province and repeatedly carry out large or small attacks on security forces.

Peace talks have been going on in Doha between the Afghan government and the Taliban since mid-September. The Taliban continue to reject a ceasefire. The US is about to withdraw another 2,500 soldiers from the country. At the end of February 2020, you signed an agreement with the Taliban that provides for the gradual withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.