Start Africa 16 dead in attack on village in Burkina Faso

16 dead in attack on village in Burkina Faso

RobertoVi / Pixabay

In attacks on a village in the north of the West African Sahel state of Burkina Faso, terrorists have killed a total of 16 people according to government figures. The extremists have repeatedly attacked the village of Pobe-Mengao in the Soum province near the border with Niger. For the identity of the attackers and to which extremist group they belong, there was initially no information.

The attacks had already occurred on the weekend, but was announced by the responsible Governor Salfo Kabore but only in the morning in the morning in a statement. Previously, the attacks had been reported in local media. There, the reason given for the attacks was the refusal of the villagers to join the unknown terrorists.Parts of Burkina Faso and its neighbors Mali and Niger are considered as retreats for Islamist extremists. Several groups are active in this region, some have sworn allegiance to al-Qaeda or the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS).