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16 states against Trump

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With his decision to declare a state of emergency in the dispute over the construction of the Wall to Mexico, the US President has also raised states against him. 16 of them filed an action for violating the Constitution.

US President Donald Trump is facing significant resistance from the states in his bid to build the border with Mexico, with a coalition of 16 states, including California and New Mexico, filing a lawsuit against his state of emergency.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in San Francisco, including the New York Times. Trump, against the will of Congress and „under the pretext of a supposed crisis“ federal funds for the construction of the wall rededicated, the newspaper quoted from the application.

Approval of the congress is no longer required

Trump had declared a national emergency on Friday at the southern border of the United States on Friday in order to advance his plans to build a border wall with Mexico and thus implement one of his most important election promises. He justified this with an „invasion“ of drugs, people smugglers and criminal gangs. The declaration of a state of emergency allows the President to collect additional money for the project without parliamentary approval. He can thus redirect money from other budgets – especially from the defense ministry – past the congress, bringing together the necessary $ 8 billion for the construction of border barriers.

The president had originally demanded US $ 5.7 billion from the US Congress to build a border wall. The Democrats locked themselves against the demand. In the end, the congress approved $ 1,375 billion – about a quarter of the sum demanded by it.

If necessary, Trump wants to go to the Supreme Court

That legal action would follow, Trump had suspected. „I expect to be sued,“ he had said earlier on Friday, and considered it possible to succumb first in court. He then wants to go to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court.