Start News 21 years in custody after attacking a mosque in Norway

21 years in custody after attacking a mosque in Norway

chidioc / Pixabay

Ten months after the attack on a mosque in Norway, the perpetrator was sentenced to 21 years in preventive detention. The competent district court in Sandvika near Oslo, Norway, found the 22-year-old suspect guilty of terrorism and murder today. So it followed the request of the public prosecutor.

The young man’s defense lawyer, on the other hand, pleaded for acquittal because, in her view, there were doubts about her client’s accountability.

The Norwegian attacked a mosque in Baerum some 20 kilometers west of Oslo on August 10, 2019, on the eve of the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice. He was armed with several firearms, but could be overpowered and arrested by believers without seriously injuring anyone in the church.

The police later found the body of his 17-year-old stepsister in his apartment, which the man had killed with four shots from a hunting rifle. The accused conceded the deeds, but dismissed a guilt in the criminal sense. In court he repeatedly expressed radical right and anti-Islam views.