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Accused of ex-Audi manager in the US

diesel scandal

In the scandal around manipulated exhaust emissions in diesel vehicles of the VW Group, the US judicial authorities now want to hold responsible Audi responsible. Four ex-managers were charged.

In connection with the diesel scandal of the VW Group four former Audi managers have been charged in the USA. This was reported by the competent court in Detroit.

According to the indictment, the men are alleged to have been part of a nearly ten-year conspiracy that violated US environmental laws through targeted manipulation of emissions tests and fraud against customers.

In a US trial, the accused ex-Audi employees would face severe penalties. Two former VW employees were already convicted of complicity in the „Dieselgate“ scandal over three or seven years in prison. However, according to the judiciary, none of the accused appeared in court, which means that the men are not in custody. Perhaps they are like a whole series of defendants – including former VW boss Martin Winterkorn – in Germany, from where no imminent extradition threatens.

Meanwhile indictment against 13 participants

According to court documents, a total of 13 people have to go to court because of the exhaust gas frauds. The VW Group had admitted in September 2015, under pressure from the US authorities, to have tricked with the help of a special software on a large scale in the measurement of emissions. Worldwide, millions of diesel vehicles are affected.

At the corporate level, VW has largely completed the legal review of the US exhaust emissions issue after some expensive compromises with public authorities and private class plaintiffs. The company had to pay high penalties for the scandal and has already booked more than 25 billion euros in legal costs for comparisons in North America. However, the US Justice has already made it clear that the matter is not over and the investigation against the responsible heads behind the fraud persist.