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It’s the first day of 2019, and the year is only a few hours old, and as usual, you may wish for something at the beginning of the year. We, in the editorship of from Leipzig, wish us then, that in capital collecting very active company ADCADA from Bentwisch with Rostock and with Benjamin Kühn as GF, finally not only from our headlines gets, but from the headlines of the consumer center and the foundation test.

For ADCADA, 2018 was certainly not a good year when it came to reporting on the company. Of course, we too had our share in it, but only because investors had asked us questions on the company’s investment products.

Of course, then the valuation of the investment offer of the company ADCADA by the Foundation Test played a major role. Here, too, one sees the investment offer of the company ADCADA critical.

At the end of the year 2018, we thought in the newsroom that the topic „ADCADA“ would calm down now, because there would be no current reason to report on the company critically.

Since then we had „the bill probably without the host“ made, because ADCADA was criticized by the end of the year 2018 then strongly by the consumer center in Hesse and the consumer center Hesse probably „repeatedly“ warned, as can be seen from the consumer centers on the Internet can.


The consumer center Hessen has reprimanded the Adcada GmbH from Bentwisch again. Wolf Brandes, Team Leader of the Market Watchdog Finance at the Consumer Center, reports: „Adcada has discontinued the advertising we criticized.“ However, they promote new products, for example with „The clever fixed-term alternative“. This is an „investment that brings the security of classic time deposits with it.“ The offers of Adcada are bonds whose repayment is at risk in the event of a vendor bankruptcy. Equating them with secure term deposits in advertising is misleading. That’s why we put Adcada on our alert list. Quote end

Well, heavy buzz, when such reports come from the consumer center, because then the investors who might possibly be interested in an investment in the company ADCADA, then certainly their thoughts.

We generally do not recommend investing in ADCADA. Those who are on TEST’s warning list have not earned the investors‘ capital.