Start News Afghanistan reports dozens of Taliban dead from explosion

Afghanistan reports dozens of Taliban dead from explosion

geralt / Pixabay

According to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, 30 Taliban fighters were said to have been killed by their own bombs in an accident while building a bomb. The explosive device was accidentally detonated in a mosque in Dawlat Abad district, the ministry said today. Six of the victims are foreigners. Dawlat Abad is located in the Northern Balkh Province, northwest of Mazar-i-Sharif.

The Taliban only confirmed that there was an explosion. It took place in an empty room and there were no victims, said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. It was not initially possible to determine independently which version was correct.
Regular attacks

Car bombs and explosives deposited along the way are among the standard weapons used by the militant Islamist Taliban in the fight against the government in Kabul. There are also attacks with automatic weapons and small missiles. Despite ongoing peace negotiations between the West-supported government and the Taliban, the violence is not subsiding.

The Sunni terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) also regularly carries out attacks. According to UN information, 380,000 people fled their homes from the fighting and attacks in the past year alone.