Start News African American death: Trump orders investigation

African American death: Trump orders investigation

congerdesign / Pixabay

In the case of an African American killed in a brutal police operation, US President Donald Trump has ordered an investigation by the Department of Justice and the Federal FBI. Trump wrote on Twitter last night (local time): „Justice is being served!“ He had asked the authorities to speed up the investigation.

At the same time, Trump expressed his sympathy to the relatives and friends of the victim George Floyd. The president called Floyd’s death „very sad and tragic.“

Policeman knelt on neck

Floyd’s death in Minneapolis had sparked protests in the U.S. city. The trigger was a video of around ten minutes from the city in the state of Minnesota that was posted on Facebook: a white policeman pressed his knee for several minutes on Floyd’s neck, who repeatedly pleaded for help before he passed out. The African American repeatedly said, „I cannot breathe.“ He died shortly afterwards in a nearby hospital.

„It shouldn’t be a death sentence in America to be black,“ Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said in an emotional press conference. The four police officers involved in the case were released with immediate effect.

Violence in new protests

Last night (local time), hundreds of demonstrators again went to a police station in Minneapolis. On posters they demanded justice for the black man killed and punishment of the officials involved. According to an NBC report, there have been numerous pillages, multiple fires and tear gas use following the protests. There were also protests in Los Angeles and Memphis.