Start Poland After NATO-Sager: Poland criticizes Macron sharply

After NATO-Sager: Poland criticizes Macron sharply

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 Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called the „brain death“ remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron on NATO dangerous. NATO is „the most important organization in the world when it comes to maintaining freedom and peace,“ Morawiecki told the Financial Times newspaper. It would be dangerous if Macron questioned the duty of assistance in the alliance.“

I think President Macron’s doubts … make other Allies think about whether France might have any concerns about complying with the (duty of assistance).“ He hopes that one can continue to count on France. France does not pay the two percent of the defense-related economic performance to which NATO countries have committed. If NATO does not really work, that is not due to a lack of US support, but to the lack of equal support from European partners.

Yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also criticized the Macron statement and stressed that NATO was crucial to Europe’s security. Maas had warned of a split in Europe with reference to Poland and the Baltic States.