Start France Again several „yellow west“ blockades in France

Again several „yellow west“ blockades in France


In France, there have been protests from the „yellow vests“ in numerous places today. As reported by the French news broadcaster Franceinfo, around 100 people gathered in Strasbourg at the Europabrücke, which leads to Germany. Following the intervention of security forces, the traffic situation has largely returned to normal.

Disabilities have also been in the extreme southwest of the country on the highway near the border with Spain. The police said a 36-year-old man was killed when he drove his car into a truck at a roundabout blocked by „yellow vests“. According to official figures, since the beginning of the protests against the French government, this is the tenth death that has been associated with it.

Last weekend, around 66,000 people had protested throughout the country. A few days ago, the government approved a billion-euro social package to defuse the conflict. Since mid-November, the „yellow vests“ have been protesting against the government’s policy of reform, with violent riots in the capital, Paris