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Airlines saved on security features

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After the plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, there are increasing indications that the control software could be responsible for the disaster. As the „New York Times“ reported on Thursday, two alarm systems could have prevented the crashes – which are not part of the standard equipment Boeing 737 Max 8 and are installed only for a surcharge.

At least in the crash of a Lion-Air Boeing in Jakarta is now known that a pitch sensor should have supplied incorrect data. The Boeing trim system MCAS, which could be responsible for the crashes of the two machines, may have been misled by this sensor. With two warning systems (Angle of Attack Indicator and Angle of Attack Disagree Light), according to the „New York Times“, pilots may have been alerted to the faulty sensor earlier.

Warning systems only available at extra cost

The crashed one and a half weeks ago Boeing 737 MAX 8 Ethiopian Airlines should not have had either of the two features on board. Boeing provides both systems as a paid add-on, but they are not compulsory for US FAA approval.
As the „New York Times“ further citing an anonymous source at Boeing continues to report, the US aircraft manufacturer has now decided to at least one of the two systems – the AoA Disagree Light – future standard in all new Boeing 737 MAX incorporate. The warning light informs the pilots when two sensors provide conflicting data.
FBI apparently also determined

Meanwhile, the FBI is said to have joined the criminal investigation in connection with the approval of Boeing’s 737 Max plane. The Federal Police should use their considerable resources to support the Ministry of Transport’s ongoing investigation, the Seattle Times (Thursday edition) cited insiders. The investigation was carried out by the Ministry of Transport, but monitored by the criminal justice department of the Ministry of Justice.

US Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao had previously ordered her ministry to review whether everything was right about the safety certification of the new Boeing 737 Max aircraft in 2017. The Inspector General of the Ministry should investigate the case. The Department of Justice has previously reported on other US media such as the Wall Street Journal, citing insiders. The Ministry does not confirm or deny such investigations in principle, said a spokesman.
Software update announced

After the two plane crashes in less than half a year, the FAA’s approval of Boeing’s 737 max jets is now viewed with great suspicion. Boeing has meanwhile promised a quick update of the MCAS program. On Wednesday, the FAA declared the installation of the revised software and flight crew training program a „priority“.

The links between the government of US President Donald Trump and the Boeing Group are increasingly coming into focus. On Wednesday, the US Department of Defense Inspector General opened an investigation against Chief Executive Officer Patrick Shanahan, a longtime Boeing manager. It was investigated whether Shanahan had used his ministry to give benefits to his former employer. Boeing is also one of the largest armament manufacturers in the US. Shanahan said he welcomed the checks.
Close ties between Boeing and the US government

The largest US aerospace corporation has traditionally had a close relationship with the government. In February, Boeing nominated President Trump’s former United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley, as Director of the Board. The 47-year-old had left office at the UN at the end of December after two years. The hopefuls of the Republicans had already been in talks as future presidential candidates. Boeing will benefit greatly from Haley’s diplomatic and business experience, said company boss Dennis Muilenburg.
Soerjanto Tjahjono, head of the Indonesian air safety authority, confirmed Thursday in Jakarta that a third pilot was sitting in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 Max 8 one day before the plane crashed in Indonesia, in addition to the usual crew. But to a report by the news agency Bloomberg, according to which only with the help of the third pilot a disaster was prevented, he did not want to take a position.

On Friday, the Indonesian airline Garuda revoked the purchase of 49 machines of the type Boeing 737 Max 8. The airline had in a letter to Boeing asked to cancel the order worth billions of dollars, said Garuda spokesman Ikhsan Rosa