Start News Amnesty: Police reform in the US is urgently needed

Amnesty: Police reform in the US is urgently needed

OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

After the anti-racism protests in the United States and worldwide, the human rights organization Amnesty International is calling for „systemic and comprehensive reform“ of the US police.

The „excessive use of violence and extrajudicial executions of blacks by security forces“ must be „urgently“ and „once and for all“ ended, said Amnesty in a press release today.

When activists took to the streets in the past few weeks, they often encountered „militarized security forces and even more police violence,“ said Brian Castner, an amnesty expert on weapons and military operations.

Nobody should be afraid of being hurt or even killed by police officers. Between May 26 and June 5, when „Black Lives Matter“ demonstrations took place worldwide, including in Vienna and other capitals, Amnesty documented a total of 125 cases of police violence against demonstrators in the United States. Police officers in charge should be held accountable without exception, Amnesty appealed.