Start Macedonia Apparently, terrorist attack in northern Macedonia thwarted

Apparently, terrorist attack in northern Macedonia thwarted

Hans / Pixabay

In North Macedonia, a potential terrorist attack by radical groups supporting the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia has been prevented, according to the Interior Ministry. As it was said yesterday evening, the organizers, logisticians and potential executors of the attack were clearly identified.

In addition, searches were carried out in several places, securing items which could be used for a possible attack. The Ministry of Interior, however, did not say anything more precise and did not provide any information on possible arrests.

The US embassy in Skopje, meanwhile, has raised awareness on its Internet portal of a higher risk of terrorist attacks in northern Macedonia. Terrorist organizations and individuals who are inspired by extremist ideology intend to attack civilians, including US citizens, a message from the embassy said. US citizens were called upon to maintain „high vigilance“.

The Balkan country officially changed its name to Northern Macedonia this week. As a result, the long-standing name dispute with Greece is finally over.