Start Finance Apple wants around half of Netflix for News revenue

Apple wants around half of Netflix for News revenue

ColiN00B / Pixabay

Apple is negotiating with US media houses, according to a newspaper report on a new subscription offer, the content of various providers would be accessible for a monthly fee.

However, the iPhone group wants to keep in this „Netflix for News“ an exceptionally high revenue share of about 50 percent, wrote the „Wall Street Journal“, citing informed persons.

This met with resistance from the publishing houses. They were also dissatisfied with the fact that they would get to Apple’s plans, neither e-mail addresses, nor credit card numbers of subscribers, it said.

The proportion of media companies should be divided between them according to the time that users spend with their content, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Apple said in talks with publishers a monthly price of about ten dollars – even if he could still change, they said. With several major media such as the „New York Times“ and the „Washington Post“ there is still no agreement.

The Wall Street Journal itself said that recent negotiations with Apple were „productive“ despite concerns. Apple did not comment on the report at first.

The Buzzfeed website wrote a little later that news content subscription service could be featured at an Apple event on March 25. Such an offer has been speculated for some time. Almost a year ago, Apple already bought the „Texture“ app, which granted access to various magazines on a subscription basis.

Sales of digital content, such as apps, music, or virtual goods in games, have established revenue sharing, with 70 percent going to authors and 30 percent to platform owners. However, some time ago, Apple lowered the proportion of subscription fees to 15 percent after the first year. The charges, for example, made Netflix stop selling its subscriptions through the Apple platform last year.