Start News Ardern: fight against transmission „won“ in New Zealand

Ardern: fight against transmission „won“ in New Zealand


New Zealand has made a decisive step in the fight against the corona virus, according to government officials. There is no widespread, undetected transmission of the virus, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said today. „We won this fight.“

After almost five weeks of restrictions at the highest level four, these are now reduced to level three. In addition to the necessary services, some shops, restaurants with takeaway food and schools are allowed to reopen.

However, Ardern warned that it was not yet foreseeable when the virus would no longer be transmitted and a full return to normal could be possible. Everyone wanted „back the social contacts that we all miss so much,“ said Ardern. But that had to „happen slowly and carefully“.

It would not jeopardize the steps already taken for human health. If restrictions at level three are still necessary, it will remain so for the time being.