Start News Arrests during anti-Netanyahu protest in Israel

Arrests during anti-Netanyahu protest in Israel


The Israeli police have temporarily arrested 16 people in protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. As the police said today, they were accused of disrupting public order and attacking police officers.

According to media reports, around a thousand people protested last night near the Netanyahu official residence against its coronavirus crisis management. The head of government is also criticized by the demonstrators because of a corruption process against him. After attacks on Netanyahu’s opponents at a demonstration in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, the police were deployed with numerous officers.

The next anti-Netanyahu protests were planned for tomorrow, including in Jerusalem again. Opponents of the 70-year-old have been waiting there near his residence for weeks. Among other things, Netanyahu is accused of premature loosening and a lack of preparation for a possible second wave of coronavirus. The number of infections has risen sharply recently. Unemployment in Israel is over 20 percent.