Start News Assad and Sarif condemn US sanctions in CoV crisis

Assad and Sarif condemn US sanctions in CoV crisis

Walkerssk / Pixabay

At a meeting in Damascus yesterday, Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad and Iranian foreign minister Javad Sarif condemned the US sanctions against their countries despite the coronavirus crisis. The pandemic only exposed „the failure of Western systems“ – „and its lack of morality,“ said Assad, according to a statement from his office during the meeting with Sarif.

The meeting in the Syrian capital was the first meeting of the two allies in a year. A photo published by Assad’s office showed the two politicians during a long-distance conversation. Both politicians wore mouth-nose protection.

Sarif accused the US of „actually pursuing the agenda of maintaining cruel sanctions against countries fighting this disease,“ according to a statement by the Iranian government. Assad criticized that the United States maintained sanctions against Iran and Syria „despite these exceptional humanitarian conditions.“

Israeli missiles shot down over Palmyra

The Syrian Air Force launched several Israeli missiles over the ancient city of Palmyra, reports from state media. The Syrian Air Force „countered an Israeli confrontation“ and intercepted „several enemy missiles“ in the province of Homs, the SANA news agency said without giving details. The Israeli army did not want to comment on the information when asked by the AFP news agency. The incident occurred a few hours after a meeting between Assad and Sarif.