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Barnier to Brexit: „Are at a crossroads“

daniel_diaz_bardillo / Pixabay

The EU and the UK are „at the crossroads“, according to EU Chief Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier. Barnier reiterated yesterday at the European Parliament in Brussels that the British proposals are not yet sufficient. In particular, the EU can not renounce the regulation for an open border with Ireland, the „backstop“.

„We need operational, legally binding solutions today, not tomorrow,“ said Barnier. The EU remains „calm and constructive“ and continues to respectfully treat Britain. „We continue to hope for a withdrawal agreement that is mutually acceptable,“ he said. Tomorrow, he’ll meet British Brexit minister Steve Barclay. „Even if it’s very difficult, it still allows for an agreement with the UK,“ said Barnier.

Oettinger rejects report on EU concessions

EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger previously contradicted media reports that the EU was ready to make concessions in the Brexit dispute. The regulation for an open border with Ireland, the „backstop“, is „only effective if it has no time limit,“ Oettinger said today in Brussels. In addition, the regional government in Northern Ireland would be a third party that could not terminate the scheme.

Oettinger concretely contradicted a report by the British „Times“. According to him, there could be a mechanism for Northern Ireland that would allow it to leave the „backstop“ after a certain number of years, the paper said today. As unspecified diplomats told journalists and journalists of The Times, the EU-27 was prepared to give the Belfast Parliament a unilateral withdrawal from the agreement after a certain period of time. The possible date was 2025, but both sides would have to agree.