Start News Beijing: Closing schools, travel sometimes prohibited

Beijing: Closing schools, travel sometimes prohibited

perfectfitsolutions / Pixabay

Because of the new corona virus outbreak in Beijing, all schools in the metropolis are being closed. The health commission of the Chinese capital announced today that classes will take place online again tomorrow. Students are also not allowed to return to Beijing’s universities.

In addition, according to the authorities, people have to do without unnecessary trips. The city administration expressly prohibited residents of areas in Beijing with „medium or high“ risk from leaving the city. Anyone who wanted to leave Beijing had to show a negative test that was no more than seven days old.

After two months without new infections with the new coronavirus, new cases were reported in Beijing last week. Today, the authorities registered 27 new infections within 24 hours in the capital alone. Four other cases were reported from the neighboring Hebei province. A case in the southwestern province of Sichuan is also due to the outbreak in Beijing.

Many markets closed

The authorities took extensive measures to contain the virus. They closed three wholesale stores and eleven smaller stores in Beijing and disinfected 276 agricultural stores and 33,000 food and beverage stores. Thousands of residents in what are now 30 blocks of flats near the three markets are no longer allowed on the streets.

Venues and sports venues in the capital were closed, trips by taxis and other transportation services were prohibited. Mass tests are also said to help contain the virus. Test capacity has been ramped up to 90,000 a day, according to official Xinhua news agency.