Start News Berlin decided on essential parts of the climate program

Berlin decided on essential parts of the climate program

Gellinger / Pixabay

The German government has today adopted key components of the program for more climate protection. In order to convert more citizens from the car to the train, train tickets should become cheaper. The VAT on long-distance tickets should be reduced from 19 to seven percent.

Air travelers have to dig deeper. The air traffic tax should increase by 74 percent to 13.03 euros for flights up to 2,500 kilometers from April, for medium-haul routes up to 6,000 kilometers by 41 percent to 33.01 euros and for long-haul flights to 59.43 euros.

Covenant: Domestic flights should be avoided

The expected additional revenue is 740 million euros over the expected shortfall in train tickets of about 500 million euros. The increase in short-haul routes should help to avoid domestic flights in particular.

Anyone who renovates walls or roofs in their condominium or in their house, renews windows, doors or heating should receive tax deductions over a period of three years. In return for a CO2 price in traffic, the commuter allowance for long journeys should increase for five years.

Experts: measures too low

In addition, the government of Christian and Social Democrats is planning higher taxes on airline tickets. Key points for the planned price for the emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide were also decided.

The measures are part of the climate package approved last week by the government. The goal is for Germany to reach its climate targets for 2030 after all. Germany wants to reduce its emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases by 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

By the middle of the century, the country is to become largely climate-neutral, meaning that it will no longer emit greenhouse gases that harm the climate. However, scientists and environmental organizations consider that the measures are not enough to be able to reach the German climate targets.