Start News Berlin is tightening travel advice for Turkey

Berlin is tightening travel advice for Turkey

kpuljek / Pixabay

The German Foreign Ministry yesterday tightened the travel advice for Turkey and warned against arrests. „It can not be ruled out … that the Turkish government will take further action against representatives of German media and civil society organizations,“ it now says in the travel advisories.

„Statements, which are covered by the German legal understanding of the freedom of expression, can lead in Turkey to occupation-restrictive measures and criminal proceedings“, is warned. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry confirmed the change. The travel and safety information would be adapted continuously to current developments. „The notes for Turkey have been updated today,“ she said.

Accreditation refused in several cases

The travel and safety information now indicates that several European, including German journalists, have been denied accreditation in Turkey without explanation. Moreover, in the last two years German nationals have also been increasingly arbitrarily detained.

The background was partly the suspicion of contacts with Turkey’s terrorist Gülen organization. However, the State Department also refers to statements made by the Turkish Interior Minister that holidaymakers may be arrested abroad for meetings of organizations banned in Turkey.

Warning of denunciation

The travel advice further emphasizes that Turkey is a popular tourist destination „that welcomes tourists in a warm and open manner“. In addition, the Foreign Ministry warns, however, that German nationals had already been arrested because of government-critical statements in social media. It already rich sharing or „liking“ of a foreign contribution. „It has to be assumed that non-public comments on social media will also be forwarded to the Turkish law enforcement authorities through anonymous denunciations.“

For example, German nationals with close personal and personal ties to Turkey, as well as persons with German citizenship and Turkish nationality, could be affected.