Start Germany Berlin: Rescued people from a burning hotel room

Berlin: Rescued people from a burning hotel room

geralt / Pixabay

The fire brigade has rescued six people from a burning hotel room in Berlin with a large contingent. Two of them suffered flue gas poisoning and were taken to the hospital, as a spokeswoman for the fire department announced today.

In the fire in a hotel in #Friedrichshain 6 people were rescued by the fire department, 4 of them by means of escape hoods. 2 people were transported to hospitals.
Furnishings burned into a hotel room on the 5th floor, the hotel was cleared.
– Berlin Fire Department (@Berliner_Fw) 19 February 2019

Since hotel guests from a total of 115 rooms had to be brought to safety, the fire brigade with around 95 men was in action. Two hours after the alarm, the fire was largely extinguished. The spokeswoman said in the morning that large parts of the hotel would soon be accessible again. How the room on the fifth floor could catch fire was initially unclear.