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Bezos divorce makes investors nervous

Bezos- nervous

The divorce of the richest man in the world has not only made it to the front pages of all tabloids, but also drives investors from Amazon. Investors are wondering what the demerits of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos will be after 25 years on the ownership structure of the world’s largest online retailer and the aggressive growth plans.

It’s all about how the couple divides its assets, which includes, among other things, a stake of about 16 percent in Amazon. The most valuable company on Wall Street is currently valued at more than $ 810 billion (€ 702 billion).

Divorce law provides half-half

Bezos is about $ 136 billion, according to Forbes. The divorce laws in Washington State, where the couple lives mainly with their four children, provide for the property acquired during the marriage to be distributed equally to the partners.

The first investors are nervous. The head of hedge fund Seabreeze Partners, Doug Kass, for example, has sold his Amazon shares after the announcement of the divorce on Wednesday and says he think now for now once in peace.

Portfolio manager Robert Bacarella of investment firm Monetta expects growth-oriented portfolio managers to cut back on their shares of Amazon: „This is such a widely ramified business, and the divorce allows them to say, ‚Maybe I’ll screw my investment back because.‘ there is another question mark. ‚“

Whether the Amazon founder and the successful writer ever made arrangements at the marriage, what happens in the event of a separation is so far unclear. The Twitter message announcing the divorce said that both would remain partners in their projects and businesses.