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Birgit Schrowange: „Sex is like cycling“

Birgit Schrowange

Sex has from the point of view of TV presenter Birgit Schrowange even in advanced age, a great importance. In an interview with the magazine Bunte, the 60-year-old said: „He is very important and very beautiful.“

She compared sex to cycling: „You do not forget it.“ At her age, love, trust, and tenderness are all important. „You do not have to jump off the cupboard anymore.“

Birgit Schrowange is currently working with Frank Spothelfer. The two got to know each other on a cruise. „It was love at first sight,“ said RTL magazine magazine’s magazine Extra during the autumn of the Swiss tabloid Blick. Schrowange had split in 2006 from the eleven years younger presenter Markus Lanz – after about eight years of relationship.