Start News Brazil now ahead of Italy in number of deaths

Brazil now ahead of Italy in number of deaths

JoeBamz / Pixabay

The number of coronavirus deaths in Brazil exceeds the number of victims of the pandemic in Italy. The Brazilian Ministry of Health said that more than 1,430 people died in 24 hours in connection with a Covid 19 disease. The total number of deaths is now 34,021. The country has the most deaths after the United States (108,000) and the United Kingdom (40,000).

The number of people ever infected with the virus rose by around 31,000 to just under 615,000.

The corona virus is also spreading more and more among Brazilian natives. Deaths in this part of the population have quintupled in the past month, according to an association of indigenous peoples. Many epidemiologists had hoped in vain that the tribes would be protected by their very remote settlement areas.