Start News „Brexit bus“ found abandoned after failing

„Brexit bus“ found abandoned after failing

daniel_diaz_bardillo / Pixabay

BBC journalist Sue Charles found a deserted Brexit bus during the night yesterday at the Brecon Beacons in Wales, UK. The bus, which had previously apparently hit a hedge, blocked the road, Charles wrote on Twitter. She immediately got out of her car to see if everything was alright – but in the bus, whose doors were open, no one was.

Driving through the Brecon Beacons tonight. What is expecting a few by-election posters, but looking like a Brexit Party bus, crashed into a hedge. Got out to check everything was ok. No one around, just open bus, doors open, side-on, blocking a lay-by …
– Sue Charles (@Sue_Charles) July 27, 2019

James Wells of the Brexit party confirmed to the news platform Independent that the bus had a breakdown and was therefore left to stand.

Welsh moving contractor Derek Jeffs also saw the stranded bus on Saturday night. According to him, it was obvious that the driver was no longer able to get the bus back on the lane: „The driver could not go back because the road was falling sharply,“ he told Wales Online.