Start News Bulgarian government’s vote of no confidence failed

Bulgarian government’s vote of no confidence failed

sapviktor / Pixabay

As expected, the Bulgarian government survived a vote of no confidence due to failings in environmental policy. A majority of 124 parliamentarians in the government camp, made up of bourgeois and nationalists, rejected the opposition socialists‘ move today. 102 parliamentarians voted against the coalition cabinet. There were nine abstentions.

A month-long crisis in the drinking water supply of the city of Pernik around 25 kilometers southwest of Sofia was the reason for this fourth motion of no confidence against the cabinet that had ruled since 2017. The socialists also criticized grievances in handling imported waste – for example from Italy.

According to a government crisis plan, Pernik is to receive water via the Sofia pipeline network – but within 13 weeks a 13-kilometer connection will have to be built. Minister of the Environment Neno Dimow resigned because of the water crisis in Pernik. He is in custody and is under investigation. Dimow is said to have been informed about the falling water level of a nearby reservoir since the beginning of 2018, but has approved the water consumption by industrial customers.