Start News Buttigieg doubts area code results in Nevada

Buttigieg doubts area code results in Nevada

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Democratic US presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has expressed doubts about the results of the Nevada primary. Buttigieg’s campaign team yesterday asked the Nevada Democratic Party to publish certain polling dates and correct alleged errors in a letter related to “irregularities,” several US media reports.

According to the CNN broadcaster, Buttigieg is clearly third with around 13 percent after counting more than 85 percent of the electoral districts. In front of him are former US Vice President Joe Biden with around 21 percent and left senator Bernie Sanders as the clear winner with around 47 percent.

Buttigieg sees himself in front of Biden

„Due to irregularities and a number of unanswered questions that we asked the Nevada Democratic Party, it is unclear what the end results will be,“ Buttigieg’s deputy campaign manager Hari Sevugan was quoted as saying. Buttigieg’s camp does not doubt Sanders‘ success, but suggests that Buttigieg could be in second place just ahead of Biden.

The procedure for Saturday’s third area code in Nevada was complicated, as was the case for the first area code in Iowa. It was voted at party meetings, not by ballot. A technical breakdown in Iowa had caused problems with the delivery of the results and had caused considerable delays. The Democratic Party has not yet released the results of the Nevada area code.