Start News Chile protest: Ministers are to resign

Chile protest: Ministers are to resign

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Just over a week after the beginning of the mass protests for social reforms, Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera wants to completely change his cabinet. He had asked all ministers to make their posts available, the head of state and government announced yesterday.

His government has presented Parliament with a far-reaching social agenda that addresses many of its demands – including improvements in pensions and wages, and a stabilization in the prices of basic services such as electricity. In the future, high-yielding industries should be taxed more heavily and parliamentary rates should be reduced.

New protests

He also declared his intention to lift the state of emergency throughout the country „if circumstances permit“. The curfew in Santiago was also lifted yesterday. However, there were protests again.

The security forces used tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators, according to reports in social media in the cities of Concepcion and Punta Arenas. Since the beginning of the wave of protests there have been violent clashes and looting. At least 19 people were killed.

More than a million people peacefully protested in Santiago on Friday. The capital’s mayor, Karla Rubilar, spoke of the largest march in the history of the South American country.