Start News China is worried about „imported“ infections

China is worried about „imported“ infections


The number of new coronavirus infections remains low in China, according to official figures. However, there is growing concern about sick people entering from abroad.

As the Beijing Health Commission announced today, there were 14 more deaths and 16 new infections nationwide. In twelve cases, these were people who were diagnosed after entering China and are therefore listed in the official statistics as „imported cases“.

The capital Beijing tightened its quarantine measures for travelers from other countries. As of today, all passengers arriving at the international airport from abroad must be observed in quarantine centers for two weeks. Previously, quarantine was also possible in hotels or at home.

Authorities exceeded peak

Since the epidemic began in December, a total of 80,860 people in mainland China have been infected with the new corona virus, according to official statistics. More than 65,000 have left the hospitals. 3,213 deaths have so far been reported in the People’s Republic.

The health agency said last week that China had passed the peak of coronavirus spread. The extent to which the official statistics reflect the true situation and the number of unreported cases is still unclear.

Fewer new cases in South Korea

The number of daily coronavirus infections in South Korea continued to decline. However, given the rapid spread of the coronavirus worldwide, the South Korean health authorities today also expressed their increasing concern that infected people could enter from abroad. Local accumulations of infections in the country itself continued to pose an increased risk.

According to official reports, 74 new infections were found yesterday. On Saturday, the number had dropped to below 100 for the first time in more than three weeks. The total number of cases confirmed so far rose to 8,236. The number of deaths related to the coronavirus remained at 75.