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China limits number of climbers on Mount Everest

China-Mount Everest

China limits this year the number of climbers and mountaineers who are allowed to conquer the summit of Mount Everest from the north side. This is reported by state media. Fewer than 300 climbers should be admitted, the season was limited to spring.

The limitation is part of the campaign to make the highest mountain in the world cleaner and more sustainable. In the course of this, the bodies of mountain climbers are to be recovered, which have killed more than 8,000 meters deadly, according to the reports. In 2017, 648 reached the summit, 202 of them from the north side. Six people are said to have died, including one person on the north side.

Every year alone on the north side of the mountain about 60,000 mountaineers and guides try the climb. China has already set up stations to collect and separate the garbage, such as cans, plastic bags, tents and oxygen tanks. Also on the Nepalese side of Mount Everest is trying to curb the garbage of the climbers with regular collecting actions.