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China work is being done on the new Jet C919 is expected to go commercial in 2021


The 10,000-square-foot facility will be operated by HonFei Flight Technology, a joint venture between AVIC Xi’an Flight Control Systems Research Institute and Honeywell Aerospace, a US manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics.

HonFei will use the site to research, develop, manufacture, test and simulate advanced flight control technologies, hardware and software.

Essentially, work is being done on the new Jet C919, which has received 815 orders and is expected to go commercial in 2021.

Honeywell was previously selected by the Chinese company Commercial Aircraft, the manufacturer of the aircraft, to provide flight control systems, wheels and brakes, auxiliaries and navigation systems for the C919.

HonFei said the company also wants to promote other business opportunities, such as providing systems for the CR929 aircraft, the long-haul wide-bodied aircraft that is being jointly developed by China and Russia and is scheduled to depart between 2025 and 2028.

„We are committed to helping to create a globally competitive aerospace sector in China, and we look forward to expanding our relationship with Comac for the upcoming CR929 program and more,“ said Steven Lien, President of Honeywell Aerospace Asia-Pacific.

Honeywell said it has been supporting China’s civil aviation development for decades through industrial partnerships, business collaborations and its corporate social responsibility programs.
Last month, Honeywell Aerospace and Sichuan Airlines set up two new high-tech learning centers that provide modern education for impoverished children in southwestern China.

The $ 80,000 ($ 70,600) investment is the latest Honeywell education program. For ten years, the company has focused on bringing education resources to rural areas and encouraging children to embark on a lifelong learning path.

„With our shared ideals, the partnership between Honeywell and Sichuan Airlines will extend from our business-focused partnership to regional support that provides people in rural areas with an opportunity to learn,“ Lien said.
He hopes the partnership will „bring the world together a little more every day“.

The state-owned airline Sichuan Airlines has invested about eight million yuan (one million euros) in poverty reduction efforts in the impoverished villages of Sichuan province in recent years, including helping local residents build new homes and roads.