Start News China’s diplomats have to report official meetings in USA

China’s diplomats have to report official meetings in USA

Free-Photos / Pixabay

The US government is now demanding that Chinese diplomats notify them in advance of meetings with government officials or official visits to US education and research institutions. The US State Department announced this yesterday in Washington.

The Chinese side did not have to ask permission for such meetings, their access would not be limited in any way, said a senior State Department official. It’s just a notification. The move is a reaction to restrictions that US diplomats would suffer in China. These would have to ask there for permission for such discussions and visits, which they are often denied.

The US government has complained about it for a long time in China – but without success, it was said. It is now hoped that Beijing will give in and give American diplomats unrestricted access to interlocutors in China. The question of what consequences Chinese diplomats would face if they did not follow the guidelines in the US remained unanswered.