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Chinese schools monitor students by chip


Smart school uniforms against truancy: In the south of China, students should be kept away from the blue-and-white things with the help of such high-tech uniforms. As reported by state media citing the manufacturer of the control equipment, chips in the uniforms register going in and out of the school.

According to the Global Times, at least ten schools in the southern provinces of Guizhou and Guangxi are already using this technology. „When students enter the school, the smart uniforms are helping to take a photo or video of them,“ said Ran Ruxiang, the People’s Education Director, who set up the uniforms in November. More than half of the 1,400 pupils are already equipped with it.
Alarm signal when tapping

According to the „Global Times“, an automatic alarm sounds when students leave school without permission. In combination with facial recognition devices on the school doors, the smart uniforms can also be recognized when students exchange the garment.

How effective the model really is, however, is questionable: The uniforms had helped to increase the attendance rate, „but not much,“ said principal Ran. The school primarily uses the uniforms to send notifications or homework to the pupils through an app integrated into the uniform chip.