Start News Court of Appeal overturned abortion ban in Texas

Court of Appeal overturned abortion ban in Texas

qimono / Pixabay

In the US state of Texas, abortions cannot be suspended during the coronavirus crisis following a court decision. The New Orleans Court of Appeals ruling Monday night (local time) states that abortions should not be placed on the list of „non-urgent“ medical treatments that are not carried out during the coronavirus pandemic.

Women’s rights activists withdrew an application to the Federal Constitutional Court as a result of the judgment yesterday.

All non-urgent medical interventions are currently prohibited in Texas in order to free up capacities for the treatment of coronavirus patients. The Texas Prosecutor General’s Office had included abortions on the list of previously prohibited interventions, provided there is no danger to the life of women. Four other U.S. states followed this step.

Women’s rights activists, on the other hand, had gone to court and requested an injunction to continue abortion. However, two court rulings that found the activists right were overturned by appeals courts.