Start News Criticism of eviction of Italy’s second largest refugee camp

Criticism of eviction of Italy’s second largest refugee camp

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Before the planned closure at the end of January, the eviction of Italy’s second largest refugee camp near Rome began. Opposition politicians sharply criticized the expiry of the eviction, which according to the Italian news agency Ansa should last until Saturday.

After yesterday already 30 people had to move out of the asylum home in Castelnuovo di Porto, today more than 75 asylum seekers were put on buses and taken to other centers.

300 of the approximately 500 residents of the complex are to be accommodated elsewhere. The remaining 200 residents of the home have a residence status, which is now eliminated by the „Security Decree“ of the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini – ie a tightening of asylum rules.
Salvini rejects allegations of „Nazi“ methods

They lose asylum rights – including free accommodation – and could become homeless. If they do not consent to deportation, they risk slipping into illegality.

„Men, women and children are being divided in a way reminiscent of Nazi camps, families are being separated,“ said Roberto Morassut of the Democratic Party in Parliament on the eviction. Salvini rejected the accusation of „Nazi“ methods. The eviction is an „act common sense and good administration,“ said the politician of the Lega Nord the state broadcaster RAI.