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CSU chief Söder excludes candidate for chancellor

preiselbauer / Pixabay

According to a newspaper report, CSU chief Markus Söder is not available for a candidacy as chancellor in Germany. “My mother always said: cobbler stay with your groin. And that’s Bavaria for me. Here is my dream job, ”Söder told the editorial network Germany (Tuesday editions).

Söder is convinced that there is a reason why no one has ever become a German Chancellor from the CSU. „I think that the Germans really like Bavaria. But whenever you get the impression that a Bavarian wants to become chancellor, there is always concern that you will be governed from the Hofbräuhaus in the future, ”Söder continued.

Söder has clear criteria for the candidate for chancellor or for his own party and insisted on the Union having a say. “Ultimately, it has to be the person who has the greatest chances. The zeitgeist, program and person have to fit together, ”said the Bavarian Prime Minister.