Start America Cuba again introduces oxen in fields

Cuba again introduces oxen in fields

AndyLeungHK / Pixabay

Due to a lack of fuel, draft animals in agriculture are to be used again in Cuba. It was decided to use about 4,000 oxen in the cultivation of sugar cane and other foods, state media yesterday quoted the President of the Sugar Agency Azcuba, Julio Garcia Perez.
In addition, less fertilizer is imported, but by-products of sugar production should be used, as it was called. The head of state of the socialist Caribbean country, Miguel Diaz-Canel, had announced a week earlier fuel shortages, especially on diesel, and made tougher US sanctions.

Washington is putting shipping companies under pressure to ship to the island, which has a population of around 11 million, the president said.

Exchange action with Venezuela

Cuba receives oil from Venezuela in exchange for the services of posted physicians and sells it to raise foreign exchange. However, the severe crisis in the South American country has hit the Caribbean island as well – oil supplies have fallen sharply.

US President Donald Trump has reversed the easing policy of his predecessor Barack Obama against Cuba. The reason for this is Cuba’s „Nicolas Maduro’s oppression of the people of Cuba“ and Venezuela’s support for Venezuela.