Start News Dead after bombing in Kabul

Dead after bombing in Kabul


At least two people, including a police chief, were killed in bombing raids in the Afghan capital of Kabul today. Police spokesman Ferdaus Faramars said two people were killed and one injured when their vehicle was hit by a bomb in the city center.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tarik Arian added that one of those killed was a district police chief. A few minutes earlier, four people were injured in another attack on a vehicle.

A third attack was directed against a police car in the Pagman district on the outskirts of Kabul. It was not clear whether the explosions were caused by explosives attached to the vehicles or whether the bombs were detonated as the vehicles drove past.

Yesterday, four officials from the Ministry of Rural Development were killed in an attack in Kabul. At first, no one took responsibility for the attacks. The government in Kabul and US officials have blamed the radical Islamic Taliban for the latest wave of violence.