Start News Dead in Islamist attack in Somalia

Dead in Islamist attack in Somalia

thommas68 / Pixabay

According to the military, the East African crisis state Somalia has been shaken by a large-scale attack by the Sunni terror group al-Shabab. The attack – in which several soldiers were killed – began in the morning around 90 kilometers northeast of the capital Mogadishu in the Raaga-Ele district.

„The situation in the region is tense as hundreds of armed soldiers and local militias are gathering outside the district to retake the district from al-Shabab,“ said Mayor Mohamud Dahir in the neighboring town of Adale. Many residents have fled.

According to commander Mohamud Saney, at least six attackers and three soldiers were killed in the attack. „We’re sending more troops to the region,“ he said. Al-Schabab, on the other hand, announced through his mouthpiece, Radio Andalus, that he had killed dozens of soldiers in the attack.
Car bomb attack in the capital

The Sunni terror group has been fighting for supremacy in the country in the Horn of Africa for years. It controls large parts of the south and the center and repeatedly carries out attacks on civilians and security forces. In the capital Mogadishu, police said that three bodyguards were killed by two politicians in a car bomb this morning.