Start News Demonstration against pact between Netanyahu and Ganz

Demonstration against pact between Netanyahu and Ganz

FuN_Lucky / Pixabay

Ahead of a court decision on the planned emergency government of national unity by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his former rival Benni Ganz, hundreds of people have once again demonstrated against the alliance. Around 1,500 demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv last night, according to a reporter from the AFP news agency.

People held signs that read “36 cabinet ministers. Shame on you ”. The distance rules applicable due to the coronavirus pandemic were observed by the protest participants.

Supreme Court advises on petitions against Netanyahu

The protest is against the joint government agreed on April 20 between the Likud chief Netanyahu, who is accused of corruption, and the chief of the blue and white list, ex-army chief Ganz. In the past few weeks, thousands of people in Israel had demonstrated against the alliance.

In the beginning, Ganz had strictly refused to participate in a government with corruption charges against Netanyahu. In the face of the pandemic, however, he turned around. The agreement provides that the two take turns as prime ministers.

Eight different complaints have been lodged with the Israeli Supreme Court against the government alliance. The court has been dealing with this for two days from today. If it decides against the government alliance, Israel would face the fourth parliamentary election within about a year.