Start News Detention of Hong Kong democracy activists extended

Detention of Hong Kong democracy activists extended

jodylehigh / Pixabay

In Hong Kong, in the largest trial to date for alleged violations of Hong Kong law by the Chinese central government, all 47 opposition supporters accused must remain in custody for the time being.

After a four-day marathon hearing, a Hong Kong court today granted 15 of the defendants their first bail release. However, the judicial authority immediately appealed, which is why they will not be released for the time being.

The remaining suspects are expected to remain in custody until May 31 if the trial is to continue. Four of the 47 accused, including well-known democracy activist Joshua Wong, have been held in prison for months on charges of other alleged offenses.

The suspects, who include both pro-democratic politicians and activists, were arrested and charged on Sunday on charges of conspiracy to endanger the state. Hundreds of demonstrators had demonstrated in front of the court over and over again in the past few days.