Start Italy Di Maio promotes yes to government pact

Di Maio promotes yes to government pact

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Italy’s five-star boss Luigi Di Maio has campaigned for a yes at the start of the on-line online vote on the planned coalition with the Social Democrats (PD). All 20 priorities in the program of the five-star movement have also been included in the program of the desired government with the Social Democrats.

On his Facebook page, Di Maio reiterated all the priorities of his party, including the introduction of a statutory minimum wage, the reduction of non-wage labor costs, a judicial reform and a law against conflicts of interest in politics and business.

„Delicate phase for the country“

Di Maio appealed for the second time within two days to the five-star members to say yes to a governing coalition with the Social Democrats. „We are experiencing a delicate phase for the country. We need to focus on the interests and needs of the citizens and the community that we form, „the blog of the movement (“ Il Blog delle Stelle „) said.

The movement set itself the goal of forming a government that would remain in the saddle until the end of the legislature in 2023. „We want to implement our election program alongside Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte,“ it said.

There was a lot of traffic on the platform, causing access difficulties. The approximately 115,000 party supporters who are registered on the platform „Rousseau“ can vote until 6 pm on whether the populist movement should enter into a government alliance with the Social Democrats or not. The result is expected shortly after the end of the vote. Political observers expect a clear yes.

No means new elections

If the activists reject the majority agreement with the PD, Di Maio would cancel the ongoing government negotiations. That would lead to new elections, it was said in Rome. It should come to the flying coalition change in Italy, after the right-wing populist Lega had declared the previous government alliance with the Five Stars for ended and Conte resigned as prime minister.