Start News Doctors acquitted in Belgian euthanasia process

Doctors acquitted in Belgian euthanasia process


In a controversial case of euthanasia in Belgium, three doctors were acquitted today. The jury of the Ghent court cleared the doctors of charges that they poisoned 38-year-old Tine Nys in 2010, Belgian media reported.

The prosecutor had argued that the doctors had failed to adhere to the euthanasia system and pleaded for murder.

Approved since 2002

A doctor who had given a lethal medication and two other doctors who were given the green light for euthanasia were accused. Two of the 38-year-old’s sisters had sued. According to the sisters, not everything was tried to treat Nys after she was diagnosed with autism shortly before her death. If convicted, doctors would face life imprisonment.

In Belgium, active euthanasia has been permitted since 2002 for patients suffering from an incurable disease and who have made their application “voluntarily, deliberately and repeatedly”. This adult right was also restricted to minors in 2014. According to the latest official figures available, 2,357 euthanasia applications were made in Belgium in 2018.