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Does the city of Leipzig once again make a name for itself as a destroyer of livelihoods? -Now the green space office with Rüdiger Dittmar as head of the district

Well, Leipzig is not exactly a paradise for the self-employed,

Well, Leipzig is not exactly a paradise for the self-employed, industrious and respectable people, that is unfortunately known in Leipzig for years.

If the big companies, like BMW, Porsche or DHL, want something in the city hall, then they roll out the „red carpet“ for them, and believe me, then the employees of the city of Leipzig get a real „gasp“ from the effort of urgent work for these big companies.

But if there are 2 hard-working little ones who just do not want to be a burden to the office in the future and would rather earn their money with honest work, then „the official idiot“ wholeheartedly „no“.

This is now done 2 sausage sellers in the Leipzig Karl Heine street. They were apparently „a thorn in the side“ of the Leipzig Green Space Office, and so they should now leave their traditional workplace at the Leipzig Karl Heine Platz. Their use contract for the property is not to be extended by the City of Leipzig.

The sausage stand of the two diligent people, who just do not sit in a warm office in the green space office and get their money every month, and can think about who could ruin everything so its existence, has been almost cult in the Leipzig Karl Heine for 2 years Street.

How popular is the state of the two men is currently seen in a great action of the customers and the citizens of the local neighborhood. They are using an online petition to receive the sausage stand at Karl-Heine-Platz.

How much they are valued by the neighbors is shown by the fact that 700 people have already signed up to receive the sausage stand and nearly 2000 on an online list – within two weeks.

But as you know Leipzig, the city will take an existence here, too, only to be able to say at the end of the month then, „we have done well, destroyed again an existence,“ one could remark sarcastically.

It is also astonishing that our alleged people’s newspaper does not even support such fates here. Well, as the house and court reporter of the Lord Mayor of Leipzig, is any report in which the city of Leipzig is criticized, then perhaps inappropriate to the Leipzig OB? If one of the two persons concerned would be called „Karstadt“ by last name, the OB would certainly have been there long ago. That’s where I bet every bet. But this is only about a lease for 2 small hard-working self-employed.