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Dolphin Trust and German Property Group

jarmoluk / Pixabay

The German Property Group has been one of the most respected real estate companies in Germany for many years.
In Germany, according to our research, Mark Spitzer from our editorial office, there are no indications that in Germany there are any preliminary investigations by the German judiciary or the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. Requests from our editors were negative.

Of course, what makes the German Property Group / Dolphin Trust in Germany is not an easy business, because here are renovated great real estate in which then people can live again. Properties that were previously uninhabitable.

Anyone who has ever built knows that you can not keep every date exactly to the day, because in the construction process, there may always be unpredictable delays. Of course, this also applies to listed heritage properties such as these are being renovated by the German Property Group.

Now German Property Group / Dolphin Trust has raised funds from investors in Singapore and Malaysia to invest in such real estate. For us, a good investment, because there is a huge demand for apartments in Germany for rent and purchase.

As these apartments are then completed, the company can of course also return the funds to the investors. By the way, with TOP interest. The company has probably done so in recent years.

As experienced, it should then have come in one or the other investment to delays in repayments by a few weeks, just because of said construction delays. That an investor would not get his money back, we could not research.

We advise every investor, if he has questions about his investment, then to contact the company he has invested in to clarify his questions. Only if this does not work, then you should turn a lawyer.

Please remember, the lawyer always wants money from you, whether he was successful for you or not.