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In Uruguay, the authorities have made the largest drug discovery in the country’s history. A spokesman for the Navy said yesterday that forces had confiscated four containers filled with cocaine bags in the port of the capital, Montevideo. In the first two of the four soy flour containers alone, 4,003 packages with a total of 4,418 kilograms of cocaine were found.

The authorities said „the biggest blow to drug trafficking in the country’s history“, said the spokesman for the Navy. The head of the customs authority, Jaime Borgiani, estimated the street value of drugs in Europe at one billion dollars (895 million euros).

Via Africa to Europe

According to current knowledge, the soy flour containers should be transported in Togo’s capital Lome. According to local media reports, the containers should be brought to a ship registered in Italy. According to the authorities, they were loaded on a ranch in southwest Uruguay on Tuesday.

The interior ministry said via Twitter that the police had searched the ranch and arrested the owner and his son. According to the information, the investigators also questioned the owner of the soybean production company, the export company and several truck drivers.

The South American country of Uruguay is an important transit country for the international drug trade. Cocaine produced in South America is shipped from there to Africa and Europe. The record amount of cocaine seized has been three tons of cocaine discovered in November in containers that were to be transported to Africa.