Start United States „Easy Rider“ star Peter Fonda is dead

„Easy Rider“ star Peter Fonda is dead

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The US actor Peter Fonda, who has become famous for the cult movie „Easy Rider“, is dead. He died on Friday at his home in Los Angeles from the consequences of lung cancer, his family said. The son of Hollywood star Henry Fonda and younger brother of actress Jane Fonda was 79 years old.
Fonda’s agent announced the death notice in a statement signed by the 79-year-old’s family. „As we mourn the loss of this warm and friendly man, we wish all to celebrate his indomitable spirit of life and his love of life,“ it said. „In honor of Peter, please raise a glass to freedom.“

Fonda was the breakthrough in 1969 with his role as a biker in the movie „Easy Rider“. He played on the side of Dennis Hopper and the young Jack Nicholson one of two motorcyclists who tour in search of freedom together through the expanses of the Southwest of the United States. The film became a classic of the anti-establishment movement of the late 60s and earned Fonda an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Also success as a director

As a result, the son of actor Henry Fonda repeatedly played the role of the rebellious biker. As a director, Fonda made a name for himself with productions such as „The Long Ride“ (1970) and the science fiction film „Expedition into the Future“ (1973). Another Oscar nomination for Best Actor brought him the drama „Ulee’s Gold“ (1998).

Family and colleagues mourn

His sister, Jane Fonda, said she had spent „wonderful time alone“ with him over the past few days. „He went laughing.“ The death of her „kindhearted“ brother she very sad. Many of the deceased’s fellow actors expressed dismay.

„Peter Fonda was a revolutionary filmmaker during revolutionary times,“ director Rob Reiner praised the deceased. You will miss his spirit. British director Edgar Wright wrote on Twitter that Fonda was a „legend of the counterculture, a groundbreaking actor and a hero in real life all around.“

Illeana Douglas emphasized on Twitter the importance of „Easy Rider“ for film history. The 40-year-old film showed „the rise of hippie culture, condemning the establishment and celebrating freedom,“ wrote Douglas. „Peter Fonda embodied these values ​​and vaccinated them for a generation.“ The film marks the beginning of „independent cinema“.