Start America Erdogan and Trump want to coordinate their withdrawal from Syria

Erdogan and Trump want to coordinate their withdrawal from Syria


If the US withdraws its troops from Syria, as announced, it leaves behind a power vacuum in the civil war country. Now Donald Trump and his Turkish colleague Erdogan have discussed the withdrawal of US troops.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump want to coordinate their withdrawal from Syria. This was announced by the Turkish Presidency.

US President Donald Trump also said on Twitter that he had talked with Erdogan about the „slow and highly coordinated“ withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria. He strove to dispel the impression that the decision was rushed, thoughtless and unprepared.

On Saturday, Trump had written that the IS was „largely“ defeated and thus after a criticism changed its wording with a view of the IS. Other countries in the region, including Turkey, could now easily cope with what was left of the terrorist organization. Previously Trump had repeatedly stated that the IS was completely defeated in Syria.

According to information from the Turkish news agency DHA, Turkey is already expanding its troops on the border with Syria. Erdogan had announced a day before that he would postpone a military operation against the Kurdish YPG troops. The US considers the YPG as its main ally in the war against the terrorist organization „Islamic State“ (IS).