Start China Espionage: Huawei dismisses detained employee

Espionage: Huawei dismisses detained employee


Chinese network supplier Huawei has released the employee arrested on suspicion of espionage in Poland. The man had been separated from the incident because the incident brought the company into disrepute, the company said yesterday. The allegations against the Chinese have nothing to do with the company.

On Friday, the Polish authorities arrested a Chinese Huawei employee and a Polish cybersecurity expert on suspicion of espionage. According to the television station TVP, the Polish offices of the Chinese company were also searched. The Chinese Foreign Ministry had expressed „great concern“ and urged Poland to act „justly“. Huawei had said that one should abide by all laws and regulations in the countries in which one operates.

Tensions with the West

The incident could exacerbate tensions between China and the West. US-led Western intelligence sources accuse Huawei and the smaller provider ZTE of maintaining ties with the government in Beijing. They suspect their equipment or cell phones could be used to obtain government or corporate secrets. The company rejects the allegations as unfounded.

Australia and New Zealand have now excluded Huawei from 5G mobile communications. Other western states, such as Norway, are also considering whether they should continue to allow Huawei equipment in their telecom networks. In Germany there are also concerns about cooperation with Huawei. Behind the scenes, some politicians are pushing to think about excluding the group from the German 5G superstructure.